EXHIBITION 4th - 29th of September

fassade neu  thumb thumbThe exhibition, "A Tribute to the Cultural Exchange" is running until 29th September 2012, at the Art Gallery Algarve (located at the Adega Cooperativa Single Algarve in Lagoa). Artists from various countries of the world are participating. All artists have a special connection with Portugal.

Those exhibiting are:
Martine Vaugel, Pierre de Chevilly, Harry Klunder, José Delgado, Dimitrios Mantzavrakos,   Paul Schneider, Manoli Ortiz de la Torre, Nunu Campos, Sylviana Loubatieres, Antonio Villares Pires, Henryka Woerle,  Lilly LaMia, Mariola Landowska, Brigitte von Humboldt, Vera Christians and Annie Daenens.


Martine Vaugel

dscn  thumb thumbInternationally known French/American Master Bronze Portrait Sculptor, Martine Vaugel - winner ot two awards (1990 and 1992) in the International Rodin Grand Prize Monumental Figure Competition - is also known as a Classical Figure Sculptor. Her Contemporary Figures and Portrait Bas Reliefs are in high demand.
Ms. Vaugel expresses her love affair with the human spirit in the hundreds of small to medium size bronzes she displays in museums, private collections and her studios both in France and America. See examples in the Gallery.

Her sculptures can be found in Japan's Hakone Open Air Museum, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and the Rockefeller Collection. She is also in the collections of President Bush, Reagan and Carter, also Aquino, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mayor Tom Bradly, Sir Richard Attenborough, Mother Teresa, the City of Los Angeles and many notable celebrities around the world. Her portrait of Mahatma Gandhi has been used as an international Peace Price.


Pierre de Chevilly

cev  le causse mejean thumbNé le 6 mars 1950 à Alger
Etudes secondaires à Pau
Ecole des beaux arts à Paris de 1970 à 1975
Première exposition à la New style Gallery (La Haye, Hollande) en 1977
Expositions en France, Suisse, Italie, Hollande, Belgique, Etats Unis
Vit et travaille en France


Henryka Woerle

henryka woerle a thumb"After the diploma at the Academy of Arts in 1979 in Wroclaw, Poland I crossed an artistical path full of turbulences.

Although I gave preference to do paintings for many years, I never neglected my love for the medium glass, a fascinating material. Being an artist I am all the time exploring new ways of working artistically, in order to avoid stagnating “in the comfortable corner”."



Lilly LaMia

thumbThe vision of the world which my films represent, are sometimes only perceptible to those who go through the world with open eyes, plenty of red wine and music. Films which mostly wind up with a wonderful happy end. You can mock the quite elementary animation techniques or make fun of the absolute naivety of the film or you can make room for the smile that spreads across your face while watching and enjoy this small meditation on existence. When I pick up a camera, I do it without any concrete commercial motive in mind. They show up now and again at international festivals and local events. It is great, collaborating on fun and inspiring projects and feeling the need to share the inspiration and the experience with the world.
I don't make short films as a living; instead, I make a living in order to afford to make films.


Nuno Campos

img  thumbDeveloped in 2005 by Nunu Campos, New Karma as  jewelry and sculpture, grows with a purpose to express a new line of thought. From here it expresses Art in a critical, activist way....like a road to reach all, without boundaries...it presents itself as simple lines, baroque forms.....with a mysticism inherent to to diverse themes, to the world that surrounds us.......
"...... we must be the change that we want to see for the world" Mahatma Gandhi


Brigitte von Humboldt

menina dos lassos  thumbBrigitte von Humboldt's acrylic colours are living through
an intensive light that does more than meet the eye.
They are, indeed, glimpses into the soul of nature.

Colour is life, because a world without colour appears like dead…The nature of colour is a dreamlike sound, a light that becomes music

( Johannes Itten)

Colours are the smile of nature ( James Leigh Hunt)


Mariola Landowska      

pequeno sonho thumb“Poetry of my looking at civilizations”
In this short, but so meaningful phrase, we will find a key to understand Mariola’s art. This Polish artist, who one day decided to settle down in Portugal, a place where Luso-Brazilian and Luso-Arab cultures meet, demonstrates openly her interest and knowledge of Indian culture aiming as well for the art that represents icons and symbols taken from their mythology.


Annie Daenens

thumbAnnie Daenens began her career as an artist at the age of sixteen, and studied at art academies in Belgium.

She first exhibited work in 1973 and has since held exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal and the UK.


Harry Klunder

harry thumbThe “Eyeglass-project” in the “Chiostro san Francesca della Vigna” during the Venice biennale , Venice 2003


Vera Christians

thumbVera Christians was born in Wuppertal,Germany in 1951,University in Munich 1970-1975,gallery with art and antiques 1975-1985,moved to Portugal 1985, started painting there.
Living an working in Portugal and Germany.



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