The sunshine in your hearts made "Obrigado Portugal"2014 another beautiful Festival.
Thank you to all the artists and performers, theatre groups and schools.

For the Festival 2014 we received financial support from the  Câmara of Lagoa! We are very thankful, because without this money, we would not have been able to organize the festival. The amount allowed us to cover the absolutely unavoidable costs for generators, insurance, SPA, Security and the expenses for a very limited promotion, beside the internet, with 5000 Flyers and 100 small Posters.
But a festival, wanting to present music as the universal language, also needs sound and light for the stage. Without our brilliant sound engineer and friend,  Hans van der Laarse, who has supported us since the first festival in 2011, we would not have been able to afford a sound system. Hans offered his time, experience and equipment for next to nothing. He provided us with a brilliant sound - a pleasure for the artists and the audience.  The lights for the stage came from Estudio 125. Luis Rodriges, owner of Estudio 125, asked so little money, that we almost couldn´t accept it, as did Olaf Breuer, our light engineer, who like last year, did a fabulous job. Without those amazing friends, nothing would have been possible on stage. Nothing at all would have happened without the tremendous help of the volunteers, who – in addition to employees of the Câmara of Lagoa - gave everything to set the festival up and to keep everything going.  Without –  Ella, Tina, Birgit, Celeste, Sara, Katja, Manuel, Christian, Kachiri, Pit and many others, it would not have been possible to create this third edition of the Festival “Obrigado Portugal”.
There also would not have been any music or any other performances on stage either, if the artists would not have offered to play, sing, act or dance for free - or for the very little money, that they had to spend to get to the Festival! As did: MAJA MILINKOVIC -  ALEXANDRE COSTA - MANUEL NETO DOS SANTOS - JACKIE O´GRADY - SILVER MASK THEATRE GROUP - THE TAZMANIC - PIANOMAD – JACQUES UND DOROTHÈE - ENSEMBLE DE SOPROS DA ESPAMOL - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF ALJEZUR THEATRE GROUP – JOHNNY WHITE – AGENTS OF ETERNITY - MICHÈLE FRASCA – ANISHA – SUSAN HATFIELD, SUSIE Q TEE, ELLA BRODT, LUIS REIS.....
Thanks to  Martin Busse’s (Kulinarium Algarve) generous contribution, we could offer them delicious soups and stews for dinner. Thanks to a last minute sponsorship of  Intermarché Carvoeiro, specifically for Beto “Kalulu”, we were all dancing to Beto´s music and enjoyed his incredibly positive energy. The nights would have been pretty dark, if the  Câmara of Silves would not have allowed us, to use their light chains, to illuminate the festival ground.

The Festival happened because of the close collaboration of many beautiful people!

Happy children

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Happy vistors

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More happy vistors

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Happy Silver Mask Theatre Group

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Happy Models

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Happy Anisha

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Happy Susie Q Tee

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Happy Maja Milinkovic

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Happy Manuel Neto dos Santos

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Happy Pit - Agents of Eternity

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Happy Music

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[b]Happy Night with Beto

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